what is flow state?

Flow is a state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best.

The flow state, more commonly referred to as being in the zone, is where athletes break unbelievable records and scientists discover major breakthroughs.

Flow is available to anyone, anywhere. We can all harness the flow state to improve our performance, providing we create the right environment for it to thrive.

obstacles to living in flow

Most of us experience obstacles to living in flow that can block us from reaching our full potential or achieving our goals.

The most common obstacle to achieving flow is stress, or rather “distress”, which disrupts our physiology and mindset in a big way. When we leave the tap running on our stress response; we can experience things like pressure, tension, pain, discomfort, anxiety, disease, trouble sleeping, brain fog… the list goes on.

priming yourself for flow through rest + recovery

Through rest and recovery, we can better manage the effects of distress on our bodies and prime ourselves to experience flow. Our method to recovery consists of manual bodywork like massage and assisted stretching, combined with high-tech wellness therapies like infrared sauna, compression boots and percussive therapy.

In today’s world, we rarely give ourselves permission to recover. If we want to flow from cycle to cycle, we need to take full advantage of recovery to regroup and recharge.