The #1 way to relax in Sydney

Melt away stress, anxiety & tension with a signature Flow Method massage - a combination of Swedish massage, aromatherapy and a hint of deep tissue techniques.

With the use of long flowing strokes, deep circular motions and kneading, you're sure to experience deep full body relaxation. Each Flow Method massage includes a blend of high-quality Doterra essential oils - which are absorbed through the skin and diffused during your session - calming you both physically and mentally.

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Every flow method massage is a bespoke, create-your-own experience. Before each session, our certified massage therapist (flow method co-founder) Sam will identify key areas you’d like to address and prepare a custom massage oil using your preferred selection from our high-grade Doterra essential oils. We have a recommended oil pairing for relaxation, balance, detoxification and athletic recovery. Each massage is carried out with a focus on addressing your individual goals for the session, so that you can leave feeling deeply relaxed and replenished.



Our massages are a functional, intentional way to bring about a deep state of relaxed healing. Massage has been used as a healing tool since 3000 BCE, so it’s powerful benefits have been recognised for centuries. Some of the most life-enhancing benefits are:

A Natural Stress & Anxiety Antidote
Massage facilitates the release of endorphins and serotonin in the most natural way possible. It promotes deep relaxation and healing.


Repair Wear + Tear of Everyday Living
Massage improves the overall health of the cells and tissues of the body. It improves oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body.


Muscle Recovery
Massage helps rid your muscles of wastes that bring about fatigue, pain and stiffness. It can also assist the repair of injuries and prevent future ones.


Massage boosts the blood and lymphatic circulatory system, assisting the flow of lymph fluid.

  • Limit food intake beforehand

  • Remove jewellery

  • Bring a hair tie

  • For assisted stretching, bring shorts or activewear

  • Drink lots of water after your massage

  • Combine massage with sauna for detoxification afterward, or to heat and loosen muscles beforehand

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